Fashion Truths



I have discovered a few inalienable truths of late.  One: culottes are rad and instantly make an outfit feel interesting and different.  (This may not be entirely newly discovered, as I have been feeling the goodness of culottes for some time now.  It only makes their radness more true and inalienable.)  Two: everyone loves gold shoes, and they will stop you in the street to tell you this.

These two truths combine to form one of my favorite outfits these days.  With the addition of a teddy bear-like sweater (if teddy bears had black and white stripes) and a boxy bag, you’ve got yourself a head-to-toe look apropos for interviews, meetings, and running around town.  Particularly as the aforementioned gold shoes have the most perfect heel height known to womankind, the whole thing just works for the one thousand situations that make up a busy life of a woman on the go.

So I’ll keep wearing this.  Because “on the go” seems to be my middle name of late.  Can you dig?  I bet you can, because “on the go” just seems to be the average pace of life these days.

So you can strike one box off your list with an outfit made to order for such a life.






Sweater: Chloe (also here; similar here and here) / Culottes: Tibi (similar here) / Shoes: Gucci (similar here) / Bag: Mark Cross / Jacket: Proenza Schouler


Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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