What Sarah Rutson Wears

Sarah Rutson street style

Sarah Rutson is a street style icon and a personal fashion icon for me.  I have spent countless hours poring over pictures of her on the streets of fashion capitals around the globe in order to figure out how to copy her winning combination of masculine/feminine dressing.

When I got a chance to finally meet her, I was mildly breathless, and dressed in a way I’d never imagined when I dreamed of meeting her.  That is because I was in a dressing room at the Net-A-Porter offices in New York.  My own outfit when she opened the door to say hi is a story that I’ll leave for another time when I’m feeling brave enough to discuss it (suffice it to say, it was embarrassing).

Sarah, on the other hand, looked perfect.  She has the type of body that would likely look great in, literally, anything.  But she wasn’t just wearing anything.  She was wearing a long black and white poplin dress with a cape.  I commented on how much I loved it, and she said it’d be coming to Net-A-Porter in three months.

Well, three months have passed, and it has arrived.  The dress is by Hatch, a brand that makes genius and effortless clothes for women, including those who are expecting (but obviously you do not need to be pregnant to wear them– as Sarah proved that warm September day during Fashion Week).

I’m hoping I can pull off Sarah’s look in that dress, because she looked fabulous, and it looked so chic and comfortable.  And next time I see her, my own ensemble better be up to the challenge!

Have a happy weekend!


  • Katherine Simon

    ???? I Want the dress she is wearing in this photo!

    • Gorge, right? I think it’s actually a skirt worn as a dress (with a belt). Her style is so kick-ass.