How I Want to Look Now

Gucci Spring 2016

Alessandro Michele’s vision for Gucci is transforming the fashion world in really exciting ways.  For one thing, his Gucci really caters to and elevates individualism.  His looks are made up of a mishmash of pieces that are styled in highly individual ways.  Commentators have described the look as magpie (which, thanks to my googling skills, I’ve discovered means someone who collects many different types of objects, or uses many different styles), which seems appropriate.

The funny thing about this look is that, though it is elevated by Gucci, if one has enough skill in styling, it can be accomplished without any items made by Gucci.  Additionally, it would be quite easy to incorporate one Gucci piece with a myriad of others by different designers (including ones that are much less pricey).

Take the look above.  I love it, but not really because of any of its pieces in particular.  Rather, it’s the combination of wild colors and prints, and fingerless gloves, and beanie, and glasses that make me stare.  The whole look just screams unique with a capital U.

I love the direction Gucci is heading in, and it is steering much of fashion right now, as it’s a vision that has really taken off with both consumers and critics.  Personally, I’d love to look like this come (pre)Fall (as Gucci’s pre-fall collection was just presented):

Gucci Spring 2016 2 Will I wear a beanie with a dress and heels?  Likely not, but I love the inspiration derived from this styling.  In fact, the Spring collection has me hankering for a beanie and gold glitter glasses (which I probably do not need).

But I love the new inspiration Gucci is bringing right now.  It feels similar to the world-altering shift felt when Phoebe Philo emerged at Celine years ago.  There’s a shift in the fashion winds.  And I want to be part of it.

You can find Gucci’s current collection here.

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