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Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

I’ve never worn much eye makeup.  I’ve always preferred a simple look.  But recently I’ve been experimenting with eye makeup.  I started with eye liner and found it made such a difference on my eyes.

Then I kept reading about Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette (there are 4 different Naked palettes, but Naked 2 gets the most rave reviews).  The colors looked easy to experiment with, so finally I decided to try it out.

Let’s just say I’m smitten.  The colors are very easy to work with and pale but buildable.  The deal was sealed when a friend kept raving about how my eyes looked the other day.

I’m sold.  It’s also a great gift for loved ones. . . or yourself.


  • Brooke Kirby

    I love this pallete!! I use it almost every day, it’s great to wear casually or to have a dramatic look!! So happy you love it too!

    • Isn’t it soooo good, Brooke? You have great taste!!