A Few Things I Am Loving Right Now – New Year Edition

A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now

I am still riding high off the beginning of a new year, and there are so many things I’m excited about right now.  The new year feels like such a fresh start after two weeks out of my regular routine, and it feels like the perfect time to find new ideas to shake things up in that routine.  From new (to me) recipes to new lipgloss, I’ve got a bunch of things I’m loving right now.

First off, I’ve been starting each day with lemon water and have been enjoying the bright start it gives to my day.  There is lots of information online about the benefits of lemon water, and I feel like it’s the perfect way to start the day (rather than, say, downing a cup of coffee first thing out of bed.  That comes a little later for me now.).  And many days, I’ve been drinking it right through the day.

I’ve been hankering for new (and healthy) recipes to try.  My family and I tend to eat the same things week after week, so when I heard two friends raving about this recipe for chicken parmesan meatballs, I couldn’t wait to try it.  It was just as good as they described, and the leftovers have been a great protein-filled addition to the salads I’ve been eating at lunch.

New workout regimes always seem to be buoyed by new workout clothes, and these sneakers have been giving me the extra push I need in the gym.  (And for after the gym, these rainbow-laced sneakers are calling my name as well, in line with this week’s post about my recurring obsession.)

After hearing rave reviews about this lip gloss line, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Now Buxom’s lip glosses (especially this one in Bellini) are part of my lip gloss rotation.  There’s nothing like a new lip gloss to brighten your face (and day!).

As a long-time New England Patriots fan, I have a special place in my heart for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.  When their chef gave an interview about what the dream couple eat, I was basically taking notes.  And now I think about it when I make food decisions.  (“What would Tom and Gisele do?” seems like a good question, doesn’t it?  After all, their bodies are otherworldly.)

What has you excited these days?

1. lemon water / 2. Chicken Parmesan Meatballs / 3. Sneakers / 4. Buxom lipgloss in Bellini / 5. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s diet


  • Sandra Camp

    Love this post! My trainer sent me that Tom Brady article. So cool!
    I have three things I’m loving right now: 1. Pink Lady Apple Healthade Kombucha tea 2. Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum 3. I have salad ALL the time and needed a change. My new favorite lunch: 3 thick slices of tomato- each topped with red onion, sautéed spinach and a tbsp of hummus on each one. So fresh and delicious and a welcomed change for me!!
    Happy New Year!!

    • I’m so glad you loved it, Sandra! And thank you so much for your faves! I love the Pink Lady Healthade Kombucha now, thanks to you. And your salad replacement sounds amazing!! I want to try it out!

      Happy New Year, and have a great weekend!


  • Oh good call on the lemon water. I was doing that for a while, then promptly forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Another idea along those same lines is apple cider vinegar in water. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the benefits are worth it.

    • Hi Vanessa-
      I’ve never tried water with apple cider vinegar. I’ll check that out!

      Happy New Year!