Glow On

Hourglass Incandescent Electra

I don’t know if it’s because it’s the dead of winter, but I have been on the lookout for products that give me the glowiest skin of late.  From bronzers to highlighting products, I have been trying all kinds of things to help give my skin the glow that nature just won’t give it these days (with what seems like months of endless rain and gloominess in San Francisco).

Toward that end, I have really fallen for Hourglass Cosmetics’ ambient lighting line.  These groundbreaking products are meant to reproduce the effects of ambient lighting on your skin, and they really are awesome.  I’ve tried this palette, and really love it.  This bronzer is awesome too.  And my new favorite is this rad blush.  It’s called Incandescent Electra, which I love in and of itself.  (I’m a sucker for a cool color name.  I’ve been known to lean toward paint colors because of their names and am totally put off by others because of their monikers.  Speaking of which, I saw a paint color called Dead Salmon recently and wondered why anyone would put that on their walls?!?)

Anyway, this blush is awesome.  It gives you such a lovely glowy look.  When I have it on, I keep checking it out in the mirror, it looks so good (which is not at all my norm).  It gives your cheeks a beautiful peachy glow that makes your skin look so healthy and beautiful.

And couldn’t we all use that at this time of year?

Happy Wednesday!

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