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Super Bowl 50 halftime showI was lucky enough to be at the Super Bowl on Sunday, and it was so over-the-top unbelievable, it has taken me a full day to even start to process the whole thing.  My dear team, the Patriots, were knocked out before the big game, so I was there for the experience (and for the artistic performances).

Lady Gaga sang the heck out of the national anthem, and then halftime was utter magic. Coldplay was awesome, and the addition of Beyonce and Bruno Mars took the whole event to an entirely other level.  As amazing as it was in person, it wasn’t until I got home and could watch it on t.v. that I realized exactly how amazing it was.

I loved the overall message, broadcast when the entire audience raised colorful placards that both formed a rainbow (my fave!) across the stadium and also spelled out “Believe in Love.”  I also love that Coldplay (and Chris Martin) invited these other performers to play with them, despite the fact that many have walked away thinking that they stole the show (I didn’t feel that way at all, by the way).  I thought the whole thing was ah-may-zing!

Beyonce Super Bowl 50

Following the Super Bowl, however, I had a chance to rewatch Beyonce’s video for her new song “Formation,” (the clean version is here) which she dropped on the eve of the Super Bowl (and played part of at the event), and I am completely obsessed.  The Internet is ablaze with talk of it and its resonant messages.  I spent hours reading commentary on the song and video, and rewatching the video, and I cannot get enough of it.

I am taken by the bold shift that this song has taken, compared to Beyonce’s previous work. And I also love that Beyonce seems utterly fearless, despite the fact that she knows that everything she does is going to be evaluated and there will be people who object, regardless of what she does.

Beyonce is such an inspiration on so many levels (I even watched a Periscope episode today that argued that her video should be everyone’s inspiration both in business and life).  Personally, I am inspired by her belief in who she is, and her willingness to own aspects of herself that parts of American society might prefer to forget.  I think she is incredibly strong and brave and bad-ass, and I’d love to be more of those things myself.

Beyonce makes me proud to be a woman.  By fearlessly saying what she believes, though it challenges the status quo, and proudly embracing all aspects of who she is, she makes me think about ways I could be more fearless myself.

I don’t have answers yet.  But I love that I’m now considering the question.

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