Brooklyn Movie

I haven’t seen many movies this year, and there are many I’d like to see before the Oscars in a few weeks.  But this past weekend I watched one that I absolutely loved.  I hadn’t heard much about the movie Brooklyn before I watched it, but I loved it so much I’m already hankering to see it again.  And I’ve ordered the book (which I heard is even better).

Brooklyn is the story of a young Irish woman who comes to America in the 1950s.  Played by Saoirse Ronan, the character of Eilis comes alive in such a vivid manner it’s easy to forget that it’s a fictional tale.  Her progression throughout the movie is so captivating and believable that it’s a wonder to watch.

The movie is nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.  Have you seen Brooklyn?  Are there any other movies you loved this year?


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