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A few months ago I gave an interview to Vogue magazine about how I shop in the current fashion landscape (where you can see runway shows from the comfort of your own couch and can be inspired by women– and styles– around the globe, thanks to social media).  It’s an interesting subject and one that people throughout fashion are giving a lot of thought to.

You can see my quote above and read the whole article here (it starts on page 399).  I’m interested to hear– what is the biggest influence on your fashion choices these days?  Which social media accounts do you look to for inspiration?


  • Linda Goldfarb

    Interestingly enough, I look to my daughter-in-law who is always in fashion, knows how to find great looks that don’t cost a fortune, and she’s honest with me when I ask if I’m trying to look too young!

    • Linda-
      I love that!! How cool that you two can bond over fashion!


  • Katherine Simon

    Yay for you! Congrats on being published in VOGUE????✨

    • Thank you, Katherine! This is some kind of dream month, for sure. As you and I are about to prove in fabulous fashion!!