Walking in a Gucci Wonderland

Bergdorf's Gucci window

Bergdorf's Gucci window 2

This weekend while in New York, I had to stop by Bergdorf Goodman.  Bergdorfs is always an unparalleled shopping destination, and its windows a portal to another world.  But especially so right now, as they are celebrating Gucci’s Spring collection (one of my absolute favorites), and the store has a special installment dedicated to that collection.

Visiting the windows and the Gucci installment was like stepping into a world based entirely on that stunning collection.  Even the rug is a print shown in the clothes that came down Gucci’s Spring runway.  Just being among the amazing pieces was transporting.

And now I have my eye on this bag.  It is so beautiful in person, and was just shown on last week’s presentation of the Fall/Winter collection, which as you know, is something that makes me quite happy.  Continuity among collections is a favorite thing of mine, and even more so when I love a collection as much as I do this one!

The special Gucci installment will be at Bergdorf’s until March 8.   You can find Bergdorf’s glorious selection of Gucci Spring items here.

Bergdorf's Gucci window 3

Gucci at Bergdorf Goodman

Gucci at Bergdorf Goodman 2

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