Everything is Coming Up Rosy

pink Gucci kimono PFW

I have emerged from my sojourn to Paris with a complete and utter obsession with pink.  I am dreaming of all things pink– from the Gucci kimono I viewed on a show-goer at Chloe (over a green Vetements hoodie, no less) to a pale pink Puzzle bag, to Gucci’s loafers in a similar pale pink hue.  If you’re easing slowly toward pink, makeup is always an easy way to dip your toe in the water.  Either way, I think you’ll be glad you took the plunge.

Here are some of my current favorite pink pieces:



  • Katherine Simon

    I NEED her pink puffer – even as it is turning 70 degrees in New York!!! I will just move somewhere cold (and fabulous…Paris) for a while so I can wear it xox

    • Me too!!! Isn’t it awesome!?! And now you have your 10,000th reason to move to Paris! 😉