Living in Loafers

Gucci Loafers

In the same way that for months (years, maybe) I reached for sneakers to finish an outfit, now I reach for loafers.  In many ways, they are the perfect shoe.  They are flat and comfortable, but also stylish and even a bit serious.  Of course, the seriousness is diminished just a bit when the loafers in question are metallic or covered in brightly-hued bees, but the point is loafers dress up an outfit, where sneakers dress an outfit down.

This isn’t to say I’m giving up my sneakers completely, but I am saying I have a new favorite.  Or favorites, as the case may be, because there are so many amazing color and pattern options (like pink– have you ever seen a pink loafer before?  I’m in love– or gingham) that I have had difficulty narrowing the choices down to just one.

Shop my favorites here:


  • Megan Tsang

    I can’t believe I never thought of adding a pair of loafers to elevate my wardrobe!

    • Loafers will look so good on you, Megan!