Things that happened in Paris, Part I

Julia Sarr Jamois

I have two style icons: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (she of flaxen blonde hair and 90s minimalism) and Julia Sarr-Jamois (stylist, editor, and street style icon known for her fabulous Afro and her bold use of color).  It’s true that some might argue that the two have little (if anything) in common, but together, they inspire my style.

In Paris, I was lucky enough to meet Julia Sarr-Jamois and tell her how inspired I am by her use of color (at which point she opened up her pastel Miu Miu jacket to show me her black sweater with primary colors adorning it).  Bold, right?  I was wearing a rainbow-infused chiffon top to prove the point.

I also told her that I dream of having her hair (which she laughed at, likely because mine falls closer to the blonde flaxen variety).  She suggested a perm, with which I have had unfortunate experiences in the past.  So I’ll stick to being inspired by her use of color for now.  But it was a thrill to meet her in the flesh and get to talk fashion for a few moments.

Meanwhile, I later caught sight of a photo of Julia in a gorgeous pink puffer coat.  And now I’m coveting it.  I told you that I’m obsessed with pink post-Paris!

Julia Sarr-Jamois pink coat


  • Megan Tsang

    What a great experience. I’m so happy you got to meet her! I can totally see how she’s your style icon. 😀

    • Thank you so much, Megan!! It was such a thrill!

      I hope you’re doing great! I miss seeing you all the time.