How to Take Your Makeup to the Next Level


artis makeup brush

I recently started using a brush to apply my foundation and concealer, and it’s literally changed my whole makeup game.  First of all, it feels so good, it’s like a professionally trained aesthetician is doing your makeup for you.  It feels relaxing and delightful (which is a change, isn’t it?).

But then I tried this brush by Artis, and my life may never be the same.  It feels heavenly, and it buffs your makeup into your skin so flawlessly that it may just make you do a double take in the mirror.

The first time I used it, I just applied a BB cream before rushing to drop off my kids at school.  And it looked amazing.  Like over-the-top great.  And it was only a BB cream!

So sign me up for using this brush when at all possible (there is also a whole line of these brushes for other makeup uses).  It is a game-changer.





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  • Katherine Simon

    I’m on it – ordering today! To use with my new Armani maestro glow luminous miracle foundation????✨