A Room of My Own

Chairish Woman Cave

We’ve all heard of a man cave, right?  But I’d never heard of a woman cave until Chairish approached me to pull inspiration for one.  Imagine– a room all to yourself, to do whatever you like to do.  Relax, unwind, power watch your latest television obsession in uninterrupted peace. . . once I started thinking about it, I couldn’t stop.

So here is the room I dream of.  Perfect for nestling in and reading (there’s plenty of magazine storage and lounging space for taking in my favorite new reads) or having a drink and a chat with a friend.  My bar would be stocked with red wine and tequila for just those occasions (perfect to make a dreamy margarita with– I just discovered spicy skinny margaritas, and they’re my new favorite.)

I also indulged my pink obsession (evidenced here and here) with abandon in my dream room.  There’s a sectional couch, acrylic tray, and artwork all incorporating the hue I’m most inspired by right now.  It should come as no surprise that my design inspiration always starts with fashion (my last home design project was entirely inspired by Chloe’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection).

Now I want to get started on making this room a reality.  All of these pieces are available now at Chairish— which is an online marketplace for vintage furniture.  They have so many awesome options for decorating your home, and at great prices.  So let’s get started on our woman caves, shall we?

Artwork / Mirror / Stools (see all of Chairish’s bar stools here) / Side table / Acrylic tray / Quartz / Sectional couch / Magazine holder


  • Linda Goldfarb

    Hi Ali, Can you believe Miller’s Valley and The Nest are sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read? Now you’ve inspired me for my own “cave!” and I’ll tell Steve it was your idea! Hope to see you at the Board meeting next week. Linda

    • Hi Linda-
      Isn’t it a great idea?! Now that it’s on my mind, I think everyone needs one!


  • Sandra Camp

    Amazing ✨ I want to live in this room and drink a margarita with you! They certainly had the right person create their space ????????

    • Sandra- Okay, that sounds dreamy! How soon can we meet in this (fictional) room? Thanks so much for the compliment! It was so fun to design this space! Now I seriously want one.