Beauty on the Streets of Soho

Gucci green lace dress 6

Gucci green lace dress

There’s something about Soho that I love so much.  There are the cobblestone streets.  The quality of the light.  The architecture of the buildings.  All the amazing shops and restaurants (including Sant Ambrose, pictured in these photos).

I love spending time there.  And I was grateful for a message I found painted on the sidewalk as I strolled the streets reminding us all that life is beautiful.  It’s the kind of reminder that never hurts to hear, especially on days like today when our hearts are hurting, due to the heartbreaking and senseless violence in Orlando.

Life is beautiful.  And it is up to each of us to magnify that beauty in any way we can.

Gucci green lace dress 4

Gucci green lace dress 2

Gucci green lace dress 5

Dress: Gucci (also here; similar here and here) / Shoes: Gucci / Clutch: Edie Parker / Bracelet: Jennifer Fisher


Photography by Christina Emilie


  • Maya Harris

    Hi there! We love your blog & wanted to let you know we’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out

    • Thank you so much for the nomination, Maya! I really appreciate it, and I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog! Your pink accessories from inside your purse totally jumped out at me on Instagram.

      Thanks again!

  • Pamela

    So beautiful! Love the green on you!!