Madewell Must-Haves

Madewell Must-Haves

Madewell is on another level right now.  There are so many awesome finds that it would be something of a travesty to pass them by.

I first found this dress when my friend and I were perusing a Madewell store in New York City.  It is summer perfect, with its eyelet detailing.

Then I nearly lost my mind when I saw a different friend wearing this leather jacket.  I asked who made it, expecting her to say some super fancy and pricy brand.  But, nope, that was Madewell too.  I raced home to my computer to find it because the buttery washed leather felt and looked so amazing, I wanted to get my hands on it too.  Turns out scores of friends are now snapping up this jacket, after seeing it on her.  It is just so good.

And here are all my other picks.  From perfect strappy suede sandals to a pale pink Ulla Johnson top— all to be found at the one, the only, the Madewell.

1. Washed leather jacket / 2. Navy eyelet dress / 3. Bandana print top* / 4. Ballet pink bohemian top / 5. Suede gladiator sandals / 6. White skinny jeans


*20% off through today with code HEYJUNE

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