Larkin & Larkin Stardust denim jacket

Embroidered denim is having a roaring resurgence right now; even Gucci is onboard with butterfly and floral motifs stitched onto denim jackets and jeans.  So this weekend when I visited West Coast Craft, the most amazing gathering of artists I’ve seen in quite some time, I was delighted to come upon Larkin & Larkin‘s booth.

The namesake of the brand, Larkin, hand stitches each piece herself, spending countless hours on each one.  I immediately gravitated to one hand embroidered jacket in particular, which was emblazoned with celestial images and the saying “We are Stardust.”  When the piece fit, I knew it had to be mine, because I have a fondness for that saying.

You see, when I graduated from college, we didn’t have a celebrity speaker.  We had an astrophysicist giving us her thoughts.  At first, my classmates and I thought this was kind of strange.  But her speech was all about how we are all made from the same stuff as stars.  This resonated with my family, who still talks about this memorable speech.

So I felt that Larkin’s incredible hand embroidered piece was meant for me.  I also picked up this rad patch that said, “I am a Rainbow,” because my fondness for rainbows is incredibly clear.  In the aftermath of the events in Orlando over the weekend, it all took on another meaning for me (which I wrote about on Instagram).

Larkin & Larkin rainbow patch

Larkin’s work is incredible, and she does custom pieces as well.  So this is a perfect time to invest in some of her beautiful work.  And since they are heirlooms and one-of-a-kind, they will live on.

Just like the stars.


  • Linda Goldfarb

    I love the embroidered denim jackets. Sadly the Stardust is sold out. She’s very creative.

    • Aren’t they beautiful, Linda? I think I bought the only Starsust one, but she could make another if you wanted one!!