Summer Styling

Robe outfit

My favorite new styling trick, which I intend to employ as much as possible, is wearing a chic robe over everything (remember this?).

And by everything I mean jeans, pants, shorts, bathing suits. . . .  There are probably other options that have yet to occur to me, and believe me, I’ll be on the lookout for them.  A robe is the perfect top layer over nearly everything.  It’s like a cardigan, but infinitely better.  And this one is on sale now at Net-A-Porter.

1. Robe* (similar here) / 2. Tee* / 3. Lip Balm / 4. Flats (similar here* on sale!) / 5. Bronzer/Blush Compact / 6. Jeans

*on sale now!


  • Katherine Simon

    ????????????loooooove the robe xo

    • Me tooooo!!! I want to wear it with everything. I think it would look fab over even cut-off shorts.