A Few Things I’m Loving Right Now

A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now 21

It’s high summer, a time of year I absolutely adore.  And these are the things that I’m loving right this minute.

Jessi Klein’s new book, You’ll Grow Out of It, is absolutely hilarious.  I am on page twenty-seven and have already laughed hysterically countless times.  And, if you must know, I’ve cried from laughing once.  Klein is the head writer for Inside Amy Schumer and a stand-up comedian.  Her book of autobiographical essays is so uproariously funny, I felt like it was calling me all day to come back to it (and I haven’t been able to resist posting some of my favorite passages from it on Snapchat– do you follow me yet over there?  I’m @alexsinger16, and I probably should have added Snapchat as one of the things I’m loving right now.  Because I really do.  It’s an as yet unspoiled social medium.  And is just a fun place to share unedited moments from your day.  Come find me!  Let’s be friends!)

My mom bought me this Hudson Grace candle last week, and I have had it lit basically twenty four/seven since then.  It’s heavenly, and I’m thinking of giving it as a hostess gift too.

I know it might seem early for velvet, but the Fall collections are hitting the stores, and velvet is going to be huuuuuuuuge come fall.  This Isabel Marant top is on the top of my Fall wish list right now.

This blush stick (which can be also be used as lip and eye color) is so lovely and gives such a perfect coral glow in a quick swipe.  It has become one of my summer staples, and I think it’ll be sticking with me for some time.

Finally, these cookies by the Barefoot Contessa (which she made for Jennifer Garner for her birthday in an episode where the two cooked together) are delicious and super-easy to make.  My whole family loves them, and I think I hear them calling my name from downstairs!

Enjoy!  What are you loving right now?

Book / Candle / Top / Blush / Cookies

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