I’m With Her

Alexandra Singer Hillary Clinton

I grew up dreaming of being the first female President of the United States.  I followed these dreams to Washington, D.C., where I majored in Government at Georgetown University (the alma mater of then-President Bill Clinton).

Sometime during my time in Washington, D.C., I realized that I wasn’t interested in entering the political fray myself.  My dreams for myself changed.  But my dreams for our country did not.

This is what I told Hillary Clinton when I met her last year (pictured above).  I told her that, while I had changed my mind about the path that I wanted to take, I was so grateful that she would be the one to carry this mantle.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton became the first female nominee of a major political party for President of the United States.  It is an historical moment, and I am so grateful to have arrived in Philadelphia to witness it myself.

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Let’s do this!

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