A Few Things I’m Loving Right Now

A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now 21

There is a lot to be excited about right now.  At the top of my list, of course: fall fashion.  It makes leaving summer behind feel worth it (which is a miracle, if you ask me).

But I’m also riding high off of Beyoncé’s performance at the VMAs last night (not to mention her amazing gown and red carpet appearance with her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy).  Beyoncé has time and again proven herself to be living on another level than the rest of us, and I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to see her perform.  When I saw her concert a few months ago, it took me two days to recalibrate to everyday life afterwards, because life in her orbit is just better.  If you didn’t get to see her performance (or want to see it again), you can find it here.

Next are these jeans that I cannot get too much of.  They are my absolute faves right now.  Their split hem is super flattering, and they have the perfect amount of stretch (which is so hard to find, don’t you think?).  I wear them all the time, and I plan to keep doing so all fall.

I cannot get enough of a robe over jeans these days either (a trend I have been enamored with ever since first seeing it at Paris Fashion Week last spring).  This robe reminds me of this outfit, which is, quite literally, my favorite of all time.

Finally, I was introduced to this perfume last week, and it has been the perfect one to transition into fall.  It contains notes of jasmine petals, sweet neroli, Moroccan cedarwood and musk, and it smells divine.

Beyoncé’s VMA performance / jeans / robe / perfume (also in smaller size here)


  • Katherine Simon

    Yeah!!! love it all – just got my first byredo fragrance called la tulipe (it’s summer-y). Mohave ghost also amazing. Will check out bal d’afrique. Ordering jeans now. Followed your orders and got a black silk la perla robe. Is there anything else, my liege? Love you!!!????

    • Yessss!!!!! Sounds like you’re right on track, mademoiselle! I’ll check out Mojave Ghost! What else do I need to know about?