Getting the Boot

Nicholas Kirkwood pearl boots

As hard as it is to leave summer behind, there’s nothing like the thrill of fall fashion to get me past that difficult hurdle.  And, now that I am back in San Francisco, where summer tends to look a lot like winter other places (cue the 50-degree temperatures, driving winds, and fog), I’ve got my eyes squarely on the footwear that will solve all cold-weather crises: boots.

My mind is preoccupied by a certain pair with pearls lodged in their heels.  I’m having trouble not thinking about them.  Aren’t they cool and different?

But, as far as boots go, I don’t discriminate.  I love booties and moto boots, velvet stunners, and those covered in glitter.  I love plain black and all kinds of colors (gold has caught my fancy for the first time this year).  And I have it on good authority that next season, cowboy boots will be evvvvvverywhere.  

So there’s always something to look forward to in the boot department.

Here are my favorites:


Pearl boots (also here; similar here)


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