Really Ready-to-Wear


Thakoon has taken wearable dressing on the runway to a whole new level: his clothes that walked the runway in New York last night are available now.  This is revolutionary and may be the future of fashion.

There has been talk for years about the current mode of showing clothes six months before they’re produced (which then often hit stores when the weather is exactly the opposite of the weather the clothes are designed for) being untenable.  Thakoon’s idea is exciting because fashion shows are meant to create desire for the clothes.  But holding onto that desire for six months requires some doing.

So the idea of see it now, but it now means that excitement generated now can actually lead to consumer purchases now.  And there is something exciting about owning something that just walked the runway, isn’t there?

This outfit, with its lace dress and layered cardigan is speaking to me.  And it might just make its way into my closet.  Like tomorrow.

Lace dress/ Cardigan

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