My Favorite Coat of the Season


I spent my first few years in San Francisco buying coats.  Even though it never gets freezing here, you can wear a coat almost every day of the year, because even if it’s warm during the day, it’s almost chilly at night.  And most days it hovers around 60 degrees (which might not call for a coat in others’ minds, but it really does in mine).

Anyway, I emerged this fall feeling like I don’t really need another coat.  But this one may just change my mind.  I love it.  And it would make so many simple outfits look special.

It comes in different colorways– grey, black, khaki.  And it’s reversible (to a solid color), for days you don’t want to wear a pattern.  And it would be the perfect everyday coat this fall and winter.  Because no one does everyday chic like Isabel Marant.

And, come winter, we all start to feel like we need a new coat.

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  • Ana Alonso

    If you sell the bomber (size 36) I will buy it to you!