Creative Slip Dressing


This is what I wore last weekend (except for the bag, which is the one I wish I were wearing.  It’s on my wish list for Christmas.).  It was a chilly night in San Francisco, so, though I wanted to wear a slip dress (one of my favorite things right now), I also wanted to feel cozy.  So I slipped this sweater over it and over-the-knee boots underneath.

This is my first pair of over-the-knee boots ever, after being too chicken to try them for ages.  I love the way they look under a dress with a slit.  They’re just barely visible, but sexy all the same.

And the black, white, and grey combination makes me very happy.  It feels sophisticated and simple at the same time.  And I wore this coat on top.  Because I am looking for any excuse I can to wear it all the time.

Dress / Sweater / Boots / Bag


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