Neutral Territory


I think it’s safe to say that this shoe is my favorite of all time.  I have owned a few pairs over the years, and they are memorably cute and comfortable.  I say memorably because I have stood all night and walked great distances in them (two things I can’t say for most heels).

The longest I remember walking was an evening in New York City with a friend.  We were going to see a play on Broadway around Christmastime three years ago.  We walked from our hotel to dinner, to the play, to the Rockefeller Center Tree, a distance that had to have been upward of two miles.  And I was fine.

Later, rain came, and we had a hilarious ride back to our hotel in a pedi-cab (which is basically a bike with a big seat in the front).  We were laughing hysterically as we tried to dodge raindrops (and traffic) and fit into a too-small spot.

But my shoes were the perfect companion for my feet that night.  They didn’t hurt, they looked lovely, and thanks to the patent leather, they weren’t ruined when it got wet.

And now they come in two glorious neutral shades of nude and grey that are singing out to me.  Imagine how far we could go in them!

You can find them here in grey, here in nude, and here in black (also here, on sale now; similar here).

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  • Katherine Simon

    Just bought my first pair in rose gold????Miss you!