What A Romp


I included this book in my Holiday Gift Guide, and then I spent every minute I could find last week finishing it.  It was just what I needed.  What with all the post-election emotion and the rapidly filling December calendar, I loved every moment I got to escape to Andy Cohen’s world. He is an executive for Bravo (and is well known for hosting all the Housewives Reunion shows), but he also happens to be an author, a bon vivant, and friends with everyone from SJP to Anderson Cooper.  And he also has the kind of life I imagine I’d have if I were single, famous, and friends with everyone I dream of being friends with.

Following Andy’s romps through New York (and Miami and LA, and various other locales while on a book tour) was so. much. fun.

I loved every minute of reading this book (and it reminded me how much I loved his last two books as well).  It’s a perfect gift for friends, family, or yourself.  It had me laughing and shaking my head in wonder and disbelief.  Which happens to be exactly what I think I’ve needed lately.

You can find the book here.

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