Magic Wands

I have used the same mascara for years, but I’m always up to try new things.  So when my sister-in-law mentioned loving MAC’s Gigablack Lash Mascara to me recently, I figured, “Why not try it?”

Why not, indeed.  Even the salesperson helping me at MAC said, “That’s my favorite!” (always a good sign).

When I got home and opened the cool blue bottle (which is a fun touch, in itself), I was wowed.  I have seen some crazy mascara wands in my days, when trying out the newest, latest, greatest thing.  The wand on the Gigablack Mascara looks like it’s nothing, like it couldn’t possibly be revolutionary.

But looks can deceive.  This wand picks up seemingly every single lash and colors it perfectly.  Then it leaves it longer and lovelier than before (without clumps, which is a rarity in a mascara, isn’t it?!).

I’m loving this mascara.  Thanks Sandra!

What about you– do you have any tips for me?  What are your latest favorite things?  I love trying out new (or just new to me) finds!


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  • Sandra Camp

    you’re welcome! so glad you love it too! isn’t the blue the prettiest! and easy to find in the makeup drawer 🙂 xo
    i filled out the survey a little awhile ago but never left a comment