I love when I find a fragrance I love so much that I can’t help but sneak whiffs of it on my wrists when no one’s looking.  That is exactly what I’ve been doing recently, thanks to Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia.  It smells intoxicating, and, dare I say, happy.

I can’t quite place its scent (although its notes are said to include red berries, pear, white gardenia, frangipani, patchouli, and brown sugar. )  All I know is that it smells divine and intoxicating.  And its box is so cute that I keep the bottle in it (even though I’m constantly pulling the bottle out for another spritz).

Swoon.  You can find it here.

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  • nelle

    I love Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and Generous Violet!

    • Ooh, I’ll have to check out Generous Violet! Thanks for the tip!