Liquid Gold

My dear friend April Gargiulo began her juggernaut of a skincare company, Vintner’s Daughter,  a few years ago, and I have watched with pride as it has taken the entire world by storm.  Her company makes one cult product, a face oil that has been described as “liquid gold,” and has won universally rave reviews.  It is used by the pretty much everyone who loves beauty, including Gwyneth Paltrow (who uses Vintner’s Daughter morning and evening– rather than the face oil her own company makes!).  And now Vintner’s Daughter is available on Net-A-Porter!

A bonus (besides the glowing skin you’ll get from the product and the fact that it’s made from the best non-toxic ingredients on the planet)– it smells ah-mayzing!  The first night I wore it I woke up in the night wondering what that great smell was.  It was the Vintner’s Daughter face oil on my own face!

I am so thrilled for you, April!!!

And, I also have some exciting news coming down the pike.  Stay tuned for some exciting announcements here!



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  • Katherine Simon

    I looooove this stuff. And I demand a companion body product!!! Also I’m not good with surprises so…out with it😘