Cropped: An Evolution

Crop top from

I’ll admit that when I first heard that crop tops were coming back into fashion, I was not happy about it.  Mildly pissed, actually.  Okay, yes, that’s a strong reaction to a fashion trend, but at my age (and after having two kids), that particular trend felt like an assault on my reality.  Who can wear a crop top after, say, age 18?  And, I should be clear: I didn’t wear them then either.

When I was young enough that my parents had a say in how I dressed, I’m sure I had a sense that crop tops just weren’t appropriate.  And after that, they just seemed like punishment.  Why voluntarily show your gut, after all?  Doesn’t a crop top demand (more…)

Sale Finds!


It’s on!  It only happens a few times a year, and it’s here– the Shopbop Friends & Family sale!!  I love when it happens, because it’s the perfect time to stock up on essentials or to make a dream purchase.  Because now you can get 25% off your purchases sitewide at Shopbop and East Dane with the code INTHEFAMILY14.  I’ve searched the site for my favorites, which you can find below.  Personally, I’ve got my eye on this denim jumpsuit and these stunning sandals.

Happy Shopping!!

On Another Level


It’s no secret that I love a good jumpsuit.  If you’ve got a one piece wonder, I’ve got you a taker.  But most jumpsuits are solid, rather than prints.  Most, in fact, seem to be black (in my closet, anyway).  So when I first caught a glimpse of this plaid number, my eyes could hardly behold the wonder of it.  It seemed like the most spectacular way to take jumpsuits to the next level.

Because this is the first jumpsuit I’ve found to (more…)

Striped Perfection



If there’s one thing that constantly calls out to me from my closet, it’s my stack of striped shirts.  What is it about stripes that makes them classic yet insouciant?  Timeless and ever new?

I wish I knew, but all I know is that I cannot get enough.  And this striped shirt is seriously my favorite.  So soft and (more…)


from my post to yours card

Spring is here, and it feels like new beginnings are all around.  So it seems about right that I’m getting another whack at one of my New Year’s Resolutions now.

This weekend, there was an article in the New York Times about thank you notes and how they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity and importance.  In a time when we can communicate instantly with just about anyone with a few clicks on a screen, (more…)