Yesterday’s New Blues

Frame denim striped shirt

Frame Denim striped shirt 2 Gucci suede bag

Gianvito Rossi suede sandals 2

Frame denim stripe shirt Gucci suede bag

As proof of the degree to which 70′s style has infiltrated modern-day closets, I have a stack of emails from my mother indicating that she was wearing what I am proffering as “new” exactly four decades  ago.  I am fascinated by the way fashion goes around (and them comes back around just as you’ve ridded all vestiges of it from your closet).

Of course, if my mother (more…)

If You Love Isabel Marant. . .

Ulla Johnson Dress

If, like me, you love Isabel Marant, you gravitate toward easy, chic, just-a-little-bit-bohemian pieces that are wearable for everyday.  And then you wear them as many times as possible, over years and years (because they never go out of style).

And because I love Isabel Marant, I’m always on the lookout for (more…)