Peanut, Peanut Butter. . .

Big Spoon peanut butter

I have a thing for peanut butter.  Most mornings, I start the day with a peanut butter smoothie (with almond milk, whey protein, and half a banana).  And I’m not afraid to grab a spoonful straight out of the jar.

Especially when it’s Big Spoon peanut butter, which I just discovered.  It’s made with (more…)

Falling For You

Elle Dream Weaver 4

It’s coming!  Can you feel it?  Fall, that is.  It’s on it’s way.  Yes, you can still enjoy the beautiful summer days that are yet to come, but Fall fashion is coming, and I couldn’t be happier.  It really is the best season for clothes of all of them, don’t you agree?

And this Fall, there is so much to be excited about.  These photos from the latest Elle magazine highlight what I’m most looking forward to: luxurious separates with equal doses of masculine and feminine influences.  Beautiful coats.  Soft sweaters.  And flats.

There’s a real simplicity this season that I’m totally feeling.  Gone are the days of crazy patterns and wild colors (for the most part, anyway; I’ve learned never to say never.).  Here are moments replete with grays, creams, navy.  Simple colors and silhouettes that announce the most perfect kind of wearability.  Forever pieces in beautiful fabrics that will live with you for years.

I am gearing up– both mentally and in my closet.  It’s so exciting, isn’t it?  Below are some of my favorite pieces for Fall (shop now to get a jump on your Fall wardrobe planning!).

Elle Dream Weaver 2

Elle Dream Weaver 3

Here are some of my favorite pieces for Fall:

The View From Here

out the plane window

I find the sky so calming.  When things feel overwhelming, I love looking up at the sky.  It makes everything feel like it’s going to work out, like we’re all in this together, like everything has a plan.

For this reason, I love sitting in the window seat of an airplane and looking out at the view.  Yesterday on my flight, (more…)


become your dream

I love that inspiration is everywhere we look.  I find inspiration in all kinds of places– conversations with friends, the stacks of magazines I read, something I glimpse as I’m driving my kids to activities.  Then, of course, there’s the internet, which is an endless source of inspiration.

The other day, I noticed this photo in Eva Chen’s Instagram feed, and it got me to thinking.  I love (more…)

Sandy Toes

Essie Sand Tropez

I love brightly colored toes (and have sported bright blue nail polish on my toes for weeks, maybe months, as a result).  So nude nails are a departure for  me.  But after seeing someone wearing a color called Naked, I got lured into the world of neutral toes.  And, as I’m easily swayed by the names of the colors, it wasn’t long before I ended up with a hue called Sand Tropez on my nails.  Who wouldn’t want nails that sounded like a beachy island locale?

Turns out, (more…)