Making a Statement with a Red Leather Jacket

San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer | Ali San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer | Ali

As big a fan as I am of leather jackets, I was nervous about the concept of a red one.  Sure, it’s dark red; not the fire engine variety.  But still.  Black leather jackets are ubiquitous now, and hardly feel cutting edge.  But a red one definitely makes a statement.

But as I’ve become increasingly enamored with all things burgundy, I started to feel like I could make the case for an aubergine leather jacket.  Gradually, it felt (more…)

Bidding Farewell to Summer


This summer has been a wonderful one.  Full of so many adventures.  Looking through pictures, I can’t believe how much we packed into it.

In some ways, summer feels long over, given the fact that one of my kids has been back at school for weeks.  But I’m excited to have one more glorious summer weekend.  We’ll be (more…)

Shades of Red

San Francisco Fashion Photography | Ali

San Francisco Fashion Photography | Ali

Shades of red suddenly make sense together, and it turns out that it’s great fun to mix them.  And, if you’re going to mix bright red with maroon, it probably makes sense to try to keep things somewhat simple in the rest of your outfit.  Hence the classic white shirt (but with unexpected details).  Because red leather pants probably (more…)

Fall Shopping List

Fall Shopping List

It’s here!  The most wonderful time of the fashion year!  And this year is particularly good, in so many ways.  After many seasons filled with wild color, outrageous prints, and the mixing of all of the above, this season fashion feels more relaxed and timelessly wearable.  This season the focus is on comfort, texture, and classic shapes.

First up, the red shoe.  This season red is a big color, but not just in its fire engine variety.  It’s also arrived in a gorgeous stream of maroons, oxbloods, and burgundies.  And, because so much of the rest of this season’s palette is neutral, footwear is a perfect place to introduce these stunning colors.  There are so many beautiful red shoes out there this season, the only trouble is choosing one.

The next must-have this season is (more…)

Lucky Us

Lucky Us

Lucky Us is both the name of the awesome new book I started this weekend and the way I’m feeling right now.  As you may have heard, the San Francisco area experienced its largest earthquake in twenty-five years on Sunday morning.  Though there was damage and some people were injured closer to the epicenter of the quake, I’m left with so much gratitude that it wasn’t much worse.

My husband and I were awakened by (more…)

How to Wear Sneakers With Dresses

San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer | Ali

San Francisco Fashion Photography | Ali

Perhaps you’re wondering if sneakers should ever be worn with dresses?  At times I’ve wondered the same, except then I realized that these shoes were intended for tennis, in which players wear dresses.  So that answers the question once and for all, doesn’t it?

Besides, sneakers continue to be having a major moment in fashion.  They add a certain (more…)

Carolyn Bessette and the Return of Flared Denim

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy jeans

I have found myself inspired (again) by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style of late.  The influence of 90s minimalism in the Fall collections brought her to mind, and poring through photos of her has reminded me why she is a style icon for the ages.  When looking at photos of her nearly two decades ago, one has to be reminded that they were, in fact, taken so long ago.  Because they look truly timeless today.

And after a years-long love affair with skinny and boyfriend jeans, Carolyn’s denim choices look (more…)