Joy To The World

Christmas performance

Christmas is nearly here, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Although, probably like you, I couldn’t be much more exhausted either.  This time of year just takes a lot of energy.  There are just a few weeks in which to get so. much. done.

But tonight we had the last of my children’s school performances of the season, and it was (more…)

Christmas Plaid

Christmas Outfit

In keeping with my recent thoughts on the righteousness of plaid and leopard together, this is what I want to wear for Christmas.  The sequin pants and high heels take the plaid and leopard combination up to a higher level (both literally and figuratively).  And the black and white tones help to (more…)

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Something about opening the presents in your stocking can be even more fun than opening the bigger gifts.  Is it the size?  The multiples?  Who knows?  But these gifts are sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face (or your own, if you’re looking for some ideas for yourself).  These include (more…)

Leopard x Plaid

Leopard and Plaid

Though some might choose to wear such patterns sparingly (and never together), lately I have consistently found myself pairing plaid (a recent favorite) with leopard (a perennial statement-maker).  Something about the combination just strikes me as right right now.  Plaid rules and simultaneously feels kind of Christmas-y, and leopard adds (more…)

Books to Get and Give

Books to Give and Get

I am always looking for a great new book.  I love nothing more than getting caught up in the pages of a delicious read, and memoirs are among my favorites.  Especially if they’re about fascinating people.  Or hilarious.  Or both.

These three books have been keeping me up late at night recently.  Each is riveting in its own way.  I’ve already written about The Andy Cohen Diaries, which I could not put down, and which had me laughing everywhere I went (because I brought it everywhere I went until I finished it.  At which point I (more…)

Don’t Try This at Home

gingerbread house

Decorating gingerbread houses always seems like fun at this time of year.  Seems being the operative word.  Because what appears in one’s mind as an idyllic scene made of sugar plums and candy-coated memories quickly turns into me rueing the day I walked into Williams-Sonoma and bought the Gingerbread Making Kit that seemed like it was going to make itself.

It turns out, making a gingerbread house is much harder than it appears on the box.  Because it’s not just decorating the thing that you need to accomplish.  In gingerbread imaginings, this is all that has to happen.  But in gingerbread reality, you have to make the damn house.  As in, construct it from heavy cookies with icing intended as glue, but which, really, is just icing (which is what?  Sugar and water?).  So, well before we’ve ever placed a bit of candy onto said house, it (more…)