Taste the Valentino Rainbow

Valentino Rainbow

Valentino’s resort collection is made of sunshine and rainbows– well, definitely rainbows.  Many of the pieces are festooned with a rainbow pattern that is basically irresistible.  I have a feeling they are going to be huge hits this Spring.  They are currently available for pre-order at Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.  I have my eyes on this bag and these shoes, but frankly, I’d take pretty much anything covered in rainbows, so making a decision is going to be a bit of a challenge.  At least it’s a fanciful one!

How to Quit Diet Coke in Three Easy Steps

How to Quit Diet Coke

We all have habits that we wouldn’t mind changing, don’t we?  For me, my downfall has been diet soda.  In fact, for most of my adult life, I have traveled with a Diet Coke in my hands at almost all times.  I was fiercely, severely addicted.  I loved it soooooo much.  I gave it up for Lent a few times, but gradually fell off the wagon after those 40 days had ended (even though it tasted pretty gross the first time after going so long without drinking it).

I knew in the back of my head that I wanted to let it go (as the song goes), but it seemed like an insurmountable goal to actually give it up for good.  Turns out it’s not that hard at all.  I am so thrilled to have put diet soda behind me.  It’s now been months since I had one, and I never crave them.  So, if you need any help dropping diet soda like the bad habit it is, read on.  It’s easier than (more…)

Plaid For Days

Fall Uniform

Lately, wherever I’ve been (both in Paris or San Francisco), I’ve been wearing an outfit like this one.  I can’t stop wearing plaid.  It’s perfectly laid back, yet not too slouchy.  It looks more pulled-together than a tee shirt (not to mention warmer), but it also carries with it a little bit of the lumberjack “don’t mess with me” attitude.  Even (more…)


Gone Girl

Have you read Gone Girl yet?  I realize I’m probably the last person on Earth to read it, but I was afraid that it’d scare me to death.  So many people told me that it was great, but their follow-up comments concerned me.  I heard things like, “It makes you think you can’t trust anyone,” which, I think justifiably, worried me.

Besides, I do not want to be (more…)

Blue Shirting

Blue Shirting

Blue shirts are having a moment.  They may always have been having a moment, for all I know, but suddenly they are front and center and indisputable.  No longer the second-best option to their white shirting brethren, crisp blue cotton shirts are taking center stage and looking completely fresh and covetable.

If choosing between blue and white seems like too much, (more…)