Carolyn Bessette and the Return of Flared Denim

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy jeans

I have found myself inspired (again) by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style of late.  The influence of 90s minimalism in the Fall collections brought her to mind, and poring through photos of her has reminded me why she is a style icon for the ages.  When looking at photos of her nearly two decades ago, one has to be reminded that they were, in fact, taken so long ago.  Because they look truly timeless today.

And after a years-long love affair with skinny and boyfriend jeans, Carolyn’s denim choices look (more…)

We’ve Got (September) Issues

September Issues 2014

This time of year is exciting as a fashion lover because all the September issues of the fashion magazines come out, heralding the new trends and paving the way for the sartorial months ahead.  These magazines weigh a ton and are inches thick, and I live for their arrival.

I’ve run into a problem this year though: I received digital copies of these magazines before physical ones, and it’s really been a bummer.  Why, you ask?  Well, let me explain.

First of all, (more…)

How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Dress Into Fall

San Francisco Fashion Photography | Ali

San Francisco Fashion Photography | Ali

Depending on where you are right now, it might still be full-on summer.  In San Francisco, where I am, however, it is basically already Fall (and is for much of the year).  So I’m quickly transitioning to less summery clothes.  But, luckily, I don’t have to say goodbye to my favorite summer clothes just yet.

There are great ways to ease from summer to fall with just a few pieces.  First, (more…)

Ice Cream, Up a Notch

Bootleg Creamery

Until recently, I would have denied that I was an “ice cream person.”  I liked ice cream, but mostly as a delivery device for the stuff within (or on top of it)– bits of cookies, say, or strawberries and Heath Bar crunch.

But then I realized that I was seriously enjoying night after night forays to the freezer for a new kind of artisanal ice cream.  And that I’ve written about ice cream at least three times now on this blog.

So I guess I need to scrap all that and just admit I like ice cream.  And I need to tell you about my latest find– which has taken my feelings about ice cream to a whole new (and even higher) level.

Are you ready???  Here it is: (more…)

Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes Entre Nous

Do you love going behind the scenes as much as I do?  Hearing about people’s favorite books and foods, lipgloss, and destinations?  There’s little I like more, and this is the reason I flip to the My Life section of every new edition of Vanity Fair first.

Well, today I am the subject of such an interview, and I am pretty tickled about it.  If you want to hear what all my favorites are, head over the Vanessa’s blog Entre Nous.  She’s got the scoop on everything from whom I admire to my guilty pleasures (and, of course, my style icons).  And Vanessa’s a gem with a great eye, so her blog is always a great destination!

Head over to Entre Nous to check out my faves, and let me know your thoughts.

Have a happy Thursday!


7 Must-Haves from The Fall J. Crew Catalog

7 Must-Haves

If there’s a consistently reliable source of classic pieces that can be mixed into your wardrobe and worn for years, it’s the J. Crew catalog.  And the new catalog is brimming with such pieces.  From tasseled loafers (the new It Shoe of the season) and Winter Pastels (a new trend this Fall) to (more…)